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UFOZ on Chrome Web Store
If you are using a computer or device with Chrome installed, which includes most Android based devices,
then you can download UFOZ as a installable application. Works off-line, and you can set and control permissions, etc.
UFOZ can be installed as a demo and then a unlimited level license can be purchased.
UFOZ Demo UFOZ DemoOld
Are limited to first six(6) levels. If you like the game, then install it from Chrome WebStore.
UFOZ Game Description.
Retro styled on classic arcade games.
Play on your mobile or desktop.
You fly your 'fighter' around and shoot the UFO'z.
Avoid collisions with the UFO'z and their missiles!
Each level has an increasing number of UFO'z to be dealt with. They also get slightly faster.
Maximum level is 30 (but no one in testing has been able to get past level 21!).
You get six(6) 'fighters' each game.
Game Controls.
Start|Stop to start or stop(pause) the game.
Arrow keys to move: left, right, up, or down.
Touch game screen and your fighter will move to that point.
Click-On game screen and your fighter will move to that point.
z key and spacebar to fire missiles.
AFire turns automatic firing on or off.
Slow to slow down the game (14 is slowest).
Fast to speed up the game (0 is fastest).
TextON|OFF game screen text on or off.
StarsON|OFF game screen stars on or off.
Support to display UFOZ support contact details.
Buy to purchase unlimited level license.
Play On Browser or Mobile Platforms:...
Google Chrome Browser,
Chrome Web Store Application(v29),
Chrome on Android,
Apple Safari Browser,
Safari on IPhone,
Safari on IPAD,
Opera Browser(v9+),
FireFox Browser(v7+),
Microsoft IE Browser(v10+).