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Longer Term Access.
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When you register you are credited with 5(five) free Access24's.
Payment Options.
There are two methods of paying for, and accessing the full versions of UFOZ Game.
You can choose between Access24's or Subscriptions.
A 'Access24' allows full access to the application for twenty four hours from the time of accessing the application.
Each 'Access24' will allow you to access the application for 24 hours.
You choose when you access the application. Today, tomorrow, or next week, your choice.
You can choose between paid subscription access periods of six(6) and twelve(12) months.
PayPal Payments.
This website uses PayPal payment buttons and subscription services for payments.
To make a payment use these pages...
use the 'Access24' or 'Subscription' buttons from the UFOZ Game Home page.
Note. You will be prompted to enter a valid UFOZ Game user name!
Following are the current PayPal payments options.
XMAS Special 20(Twenty) Access24's.
$ 10.00 Australian dollars.
10 (Ten) Access24's.
$ 12.50 Australian dollars.
20 (Twenty) Access24's.
$ 15.00 Australian dollars.
Six Months(6) Access Subscription.
$20.00(AUD) for six(6) months access.
Twelve(12) Months Access Subscription.
$30.00(AUD) for twelve(12) months access.