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UFOZ Game Registration.
The full version of UFOZ Game requires a registered user name and password.
The demo version stops at level 6 but anyone can access and play it.
About User Registrations.
This website minimizes the amount of information it records about you.
Currently just a valid email and a password. No names, addressing information or personal information.
We use PayPal for payments and trust PayPal's systems to keep your's (and our) information secure and private.
A confirmation email will be sent when you register.
Free Access24's When You Register.
You will be credited with five(5) FREE Access24's.
Access24's allow access for a period of twenty four(24) hours.
Use your free Access24's to evaluate the full version of UFOZ Game.
User Name and Password Format.
Your user name is a valid email address.
A confirmation email will be sent to this address when you register.
For Example: 'j-bloggs99@down-the-road.domain.mars'.
Password is minimum eight(8) alphanumeric characters.
For Example: 'r6A2n2D901m'.
We suggest you pick a specific password for this website.